Oct. 7: Choose one of three time slots. 7 a.m. PT, 10 a.m. PT, or 7 p.m. PT.


Oct. 7.Animal Whispering at Home

Choose Your Time. 7 a.m. PT. 10 a.m. PT. or 7 p.m. PT REPLAY AVAILABLE FOR 24 HOURS.

$37--Reserve Your Seat Now

Practice animal communication and  grow closer to your animal companions in less than 24 hours. 

Ditch any cat or dog, or horse karma drama! Take back the control of your home. Learn the three secrets to strengthening the relationship with your pet and practice animal communication with me.

The Jedi Mind Trick Every Pet Lover
Should Know

The hidden truth of what your pet really thinks and knows about you, and the simple Jedi-mind trick you can to do immediately improve your relationship, change behaviors you don’t like, and gain more respect.

 Unlock The Mysteries Your Animal's Body Holds

There are scientifically proven energy systems of the body that can be learned, and visualizations that will enhance health, release stress, & clear negative behaviors or traumas.     


You are an Animal Communicator/ Animystic

Animystics believe in the sentience of all life. 

Everything you need to know your animal companion’s true thoughts is within reach. Let my dog Liberty teach you to hear her thoughts, see her life.

Yes, Transform me into a Sacred Animal Guardian.


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Join me if you are ready to deepen your animal relationships, walk around your house chatting like Dr. Doolittle, and enhance their health with confidence, certainty, and love.


Plus!  Get my $47 bonuses as gifts:


Sacred Animal Guardian Meditation,

Give Your Pet a Purpose ebook


This Masterclass is  VALUED at  $400  

Just $37 today

Please set aside 2 hours. Limited seats so everyone can talk to my dog, Liberty.



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This Workshop is Ideal for Animals and Their People Experiencing:


Anxiety or Aggression

When your pet is exhibiting worrying or dangerous behaviors.

A Desire to Connect Deeply

Grow closer to your soulmate pet in a single day with one shift.
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Chronic Illness

When you pet is experiencing illness and needs extra love and attention. 

What Students Say



Tammy and Crew

"I always have 4-5 pets at a time. Through Kara, I have learned energy work and communication techniques that have brought calm to my pack and even helped me reduce one dog's bladder stones. We should all remember that we are all connected, and we can not only talk to pets, but help them feel better."

Jill, Taffy, and her Cats

"I highly recommend Kara's Animal Soulmate Fellowship course. She helped me redefine my pets roles' in my home, help my rabbits get along and I learned how to hear how they are feeling. I recommend Kara to anyone who wants to increase their bonds with their pets."